Return & Refund Policy

  • Will my return be accepted?

First and foremost it is mandatory for you to read the product description mentioned underneath the main product details (name of the product, the product image, the price and the stock availability status) and make sure it is the correct product you need. Also if the description mentions that any other accessory/accessories is/are required for the said product to function properly, make sure you order those items as well, at the same time. Under a circumstance where you have already purchased the main product, but wishes to return it either due to change of your mind because of the additional purchase you don’t wish to do or unavailability of stocks in any of accessories, the company will not accept the return.

When we release the product from the company, we always do a quality test to make sure the product is in proper working condition, because it is our responsibility to protect the trust you have placed on us by ordering this product online.

However if you find any defect in the product, please contact us via the given contact number.
We will accept the item only if either the product or the packaging is not damaged.

  • Do I need to cover the return courier cost?

We do not cover returns charges in anyway for any order so you will have to cover the price of the return.

  • What type of refund can I expect?

If you return your order in original state within the 7-day window aforementioned, we will refund you by bank transfer.

  • When will I receive my refund?

We will proceed with the refund within 14 days of receiving your cancellation request. We might however delay the refund If we haven’t received the item within that time window, or we don’t receive evidence that the item was returned.

  • How much will the refund be?

The refund will cover your order amount (including courier cost if you pay for receive the ordered item), unless you have chosen a non-standard delivery method such as expedite or express post.

We may not refund the courier cost for orders that are partially returned.

For any questions regarding our return policy, please reach out to our customer service team through Facebook or email.